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Our Philosophy

There are plenty of people out there that can tell you the legalities of how a formal insolvency procedure works. Here at Dodd Rescue we like to think we go ONE STEP FURTHER.

We’ve worked with businesses large and small for over 30 years and over that time we’ve gained a tremendous insight in to what makes a business a success – but crucially from Dodd Rescue’s point of view we’ve learned to spot the early warning signs of what can make it all go horribly wrong.

With that in mind we want to make the Dodd Rescue webpage the FIRST STEP you take towards recovery.

Insolvency by its very nature is a legal process, so we’ve included some outline information on each process which goes some way to explain what each procedure is all about. We’ve also included some Frequently Asked Questions which we hope will give you an insight into some of the practicalities you’ll face – some would say the RISKS you’ll encounter – when you enter into an insolvency procedure.

Beyond that, we want to help by speaking to you face to face. Remember, this is something we speak to people about every working day of our lives; you should not feel ashamed or embarrassed by your financial problems – and we can assure you , you will always be treated with respect by every member of the Dodd Rescue team. Remember also, that your first appointment with us in our offices is always free of charge.

Please talk to us as soon as you can. All you need to do now, is tell us whether your financial problem is a business one or a personal one, or perhaps a combination of both, and we’ll do what we can to help.

To find out more about how we can help please call either Carol, Jackie or Jeanette on 01768 864466 or freephone* on 0800 9540520 to arrange an appointment please use the red contact box to the top left of the screen.