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Well not necessarily. Your family home may be at risk and steps must be taken to clarify the position during the a 3 year period following bankruptcy. The position will vary dependent upon a number of issues including for example;  whether you rent your home or own it, whether you own your home jointly with someone else, and whether or not the property is subject to a mortgage. There is no one universal answer; you need to be aware of your rights and those of any joint owner, so we would

Solvent Liquidations: MVL

Remember that formal insolvency processes are complicated, and the explanations below are only the tip of the insolvency iceberg!

Although the above heading seems like a contradiction in terms, the Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) procedure is an extremely tax efficient way of extracting cash and assets from your company.

Provided the total value of the assets are greater than £25,000 and the purpose for which the company was formed has come to an end (for example, you may be looking to retire) and you have fulfilled the requirements of HM Revenue Customs, you may be able to extract the value from your company for a tax rate as low as 10%. And remember, the value extracted needn’t just be physical cash or bank balances, other assets (eg property) can also be dealt with using the MVL procedure.

Obviously, each company case is different, so if you find yourself with a solvent company, and you need to get the assets out – call Dodd Rescue – and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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